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The last Triathlon start of the season for the team in Ontario was in Muskoka at 70.3 IM distance (2 k swim, 90k bike, 21.1 k run). But for two Team members season is not over yet : they will race at IM Cozumel on December 1st.
7 athletes were registered and six were able to arrive to the start line.

Team was very pleased, that Denis joined us for the very last minute, as we registered with IRONMAN TriClub Program for Club Championship, which was held in Muskoka.
Every athlete brings points to the team, according to that Program, so it was a shame of me not participating (ha-ha!).
But the reality proved, it is good to have a Support Team Member handy. Details below :-)

Team met on Saturday afternoon for quick training session on the bike, run and swim.
As usual, everyone were in a rush, so only Alex was ready to smile into the camera (and he continued to smile all race long):

Transition zone was set by 5:30PM:

Some went to get our Condo in Grandsview Resort, but we stay for the quiet lake view and swim:

The swim start happens from the water in front this small sandy beach:

TriClub had a zone where we raised the tent, in case more Support Crew will come.
Hope next event we will have flags, posters and Support team:-)))

Carbo-load-dinned passed in great spirit:

Everyone was ready to have fun (and pain) next day :-)

Quick oatmeal / coffee breakfast and Team left to the Event village. The logistics is organized so, that you need to park your car at the small local airport, and then take a bus to the Transition.
I stayed behind to check out, gather staff to make sure nothing was left.
Suddenly I've got call from Roman : he needs me to pick him up and take to the parking lot to take stuff from the cars, they forgot. Yes! Roman forgot his timing chip and Dima forgot his bike computer.
Tip #1 : arrive early to have time to go back to your car
Tip #2 : have someone to drive you :-))

After making couple of trips back and forth from T1-2 to parking, I was ready for the start :-))
So was Evgeny:

I briefly met Lisa, but wave start and usual rush for bathroom/ wetsuit /warm up made "Good luck!" wishes very formal :-)

It was gorgeous-sunshine-little-bit-fresh-early-September morning:

I made it to the shore to get picture of Men 40-44 start. It was Race start for Roman.
Dima, Alex and Denis were 18 min into the Race already:

If you see  the second swimmer far in front - it is Roman :-)))

Wave swim probably easy for the athletes, but it makes support for 6 triathletes from different waves very challenging.
Colour of the cap could help a lot. Unfortunately, guys were taking them off :-)
I held Race Info Guide with me to follow up.

Winners were out of the water before some athletes start the race:

Here he is! Dima was in first wave 8:06, and his swim speed guarantee him to be the first on this up-hill run to T1.

Roman started smiling from far away. Great swim!

This collage just proved how important to support on that hill. Look on Alex's face before and after he saw me:
Alex's PR at swim leg!

Tip #3 : Our race Uniform is a great help for supporters to prepare the camera. I was able to identify all Team members from far away on all three legs.
Denis, I am very sorry that I saw you on this hill in last second and did not get the shot. As well as I missed on the bike and run, and finish line shot was not so great:-( I will improve at IM Mont-Tremblant 2014.

Liza was cruising up-hill! No chance for men around:-)

My Baby Blue cap husband started the last from the Team, and I was happy he looked happy:

It was time for quick second breakfast at the tent, updating FB with Team's swim  time, and heading to the next spot for bike-run photo-shots.

Some were less unfortunate, their race was over too soon:

I was enjoying great sunshine bath, when I heard Russian language.
Family was there to check on Race, as their Boston Marathon finisher father is interested to get involved in Triathlon.
Well! They met a right person! :-)

Tip # 4: Have all club information handy on race day, in case you meet people that are interested to join the Club.

I was particularly interested to watch Miranda Carfrae racing. She is short (wanted to see her on the bike), and she is great runner with perfect running technique. And I missed her 4 years ago, as I did not know she is a big deal.
Her bike feels so solid!

We now could use those shorts to compare with photos of team athletes at the same spot to improve the technique:

Tip #5 : Use "Sport" setup on your camera, and make as many shots as you could. You never know how you could use them:-)

After the Determine-to-Win-Tri-Monsters-AGroupers Roman showed up on this very unfair full last uphill:

His bike time was just as predicted 2:43. On track for the best performance!
I gave him Hi-5 on his way to 21.1 k, hoping new run course will be easier as stated:

Alex was the second to cheer up:

That was solid performance! Hard training rides paid off!
Alex brought the news, that Dima got the penalty.
So I was not surprised Dima was very angry and determined to win extra 4 min.
I was able to make him smile:

They passed me out for the run one after another. Wished you fast legs , guys!
web_alex_run web_dima_run

Here was the girl!
Liza showed the best bike time in her AG, I believe:

Knowing how she likes to catch, I yelled, that guys were just in a few minutes in front of her.
Go get them!

It was a little challenge to be able to catch all three on camera on both directions, so I took a break with FB, and I guess, that when I missed Denis.

Tip #6 : Several support members could back up each other :-)

Evgeny looked relaxed, but I could feel he wanted to get off the bike:

After we exchanged about his form, I was sure he will show great running time ...
He looked very relaxed on this fist k of the run( I should get GPS on him to not worry on the finish line:-)

After all left, I had just several minutes to get to the tent, had sandwich, find the washroom and catch good spot on finish line.

I mixed up with the clock and was surprised to see Roman, even I expected his 4:59:59 finish:

It was his best performance at Muskoka 70.3. He improved his PB on this course for 9 minutes.
Unfortunately, too many very strong athletes were there this year... Missed 1 minutes for Worlds Championship...
Exactly this 1 minute. I was upset more than he was.

Dima rushed through the Finish gates, I did not have a chance to react. Almost 1 hour improvement for his PB on this course! (6:40:44 in 2011)

Just minutes behind Liza reached the Finish line:

We knew it was great 5-thirty-something time, but with wave start was hard to know right away - how great...

I expected Alex to be shortly after, and he passed the line in 2.5 minutes behind Liza.
Great sub-6 hours time and great sub-3 hour bike leg time!

Now I had to catch Denis...
I checked with the officials, writing down the BIBs in case of electronic failure, if #339  finished... no...
Guy told me too late...Here is your #339!

Congratulation, Denis, for your first 70.3 finish! Great time for début!

Denis told that he saw Evgeny behind him 15 or so minutes...
So I went to cheer the rest of the Team.
Look on those "fake" smiles! Ha-ha! Pretending it was fun! :-)

It was clear that run did not went as it suppose to go, for Evgeny. He even did not sprint to the finish to look cool:-)

But Evgeny is a real yogi:-) He even did not checked his exact time till three hours after. He enjoyed the moment!

At the Race centre Team learned that Liza got 4th place, that qualify her for 70.3 World Championship 2014 in Mont-Tremblant!
What a great achievement!

And them we learned that Triathlon Stars Team earned points to get the Second place at Club Championship among clubs under 50 athletes.

We believe, it is a great achievement for just 6 athletes raced!
Our team is growing every day, and with plans of our Very Special Team member from Holland to visit Canada next September, we have plans to get the higher rank!

It was a great race to close the season!
It was a great day to meet new people!
It was a great effort of every athlete to reach the goal!

This report is about to share our emotions of victory, our love for endurance sport, active life-style and friendship!
Come to race with us in 2014!

PS: And this report was written by me


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Sep. 10th, 2013 09:06 pm (UTC)
Great posting!
Sep. 10th, 2013 09:32 pm (UTC)
My pleasure !
В следующем году и тебя посчитаю :-)
Sep. 10th, 2013 09:34 pm (UTC)
all pics are just fine!

you've got some great cool weather up there!

this uniform with red spot at belly still gives me shivers :)
Sep. 10th, 2013 09:42 pm (UTC)
As I explained: the purpose of Uniform is to identify the Team from thousand athletes, that all wear the same colour-suits.
And it works perfect!
We raced at two big events and did not miss our athletes once!
Sep. 11th, 2013 03:44 am (UTC)
Great report!! Thank you so much for being an amazing support crew for the weekend! You played a key role in logistics (I.e. check out, breakfast, last minute rides) and of course during the race. The pictures are great too (well, except for the ones of me running when compared to Rinny). She has perfect form on every shot!!! By the way, her bike seat looks really uncomfortable....

P.S. I still love our uniform and think it is the most unique one out there
Sep. 11th, 2013 10:37 am (UTC)
Thank you, Liza :-)
I do it because I love to do it:-)

On my last long ride, I was thinking to register...
Why the hell I am not racing if I can ride so long?!
Then I continued to discuss:-) that we agreed I will not race, and I mentally relaxed not to.
Then I realized that I just want to go with everyone:-)
And I want to make pictures and write Report:-)))

I know that Reports make people courageous to try Triathlon. It worked for several friends from lj, so I hope it will work for several more:-)
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