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How to race at 70.3 IM Muskoka

It will be the forth year for Roman to race at 70.3 IM Muskoka on September 8th, 2013.
This time he will lead the Team Triathlon Stars, that is growing so fast : 7 athletes will race this year. All of us are very exited to come to the start line as a Team, and compete at IM TriClub Championship.
And I am so thrilled to serve as Team "Race Progress" Reporter. Well, you all know, I love to do this :-)

But in this post I would like to look back to September 2010.
It was first Ironman-organized race Roman participated, and I joined as spectator. It was first full season Roman raced. And I knew not much about the sport.
I heard about Craig Alexander only on Award ceremony, and that he was in a hurry to 70.3 World Championship 2010, that he could not stay to receive the medal.
70.3 IM Muskoka  was run in 2010 for the third time, and Craig won the race for the third time.
He passed me on his run, and I did not take his picture:-) Did not know he was a big deal:-) Craig never came back:-((

Miranda Carfrae win in Women field, and she passed me too! :-) I wish now, I would look closely on her running technics :-)

Right away we felt this race was different from local Ontario races. Guys were serious. Girls looked tough.
It was grey day with drizzle. Somehow I cannot locate any pictures of the actual race...
Just the poster:

It was first time we participate in Roll-down slots for World 70.3 IM Championship. Roman missed several spots...

In 2011, I joined as spectator again.
This time I was prepared with a good camera, knew the best spots to capture the athletes and weather was great!
I would share moments of 2011 race with you...

Evening before the race...It is very quiet in the Deerhurst Resort.
This is the start of the swim.

The swim is point-to-point, and finish is on the other beach:

Transition zone set up just on the parking lot in front of main Resort Hotel:

Swim start is on waves, and we could see start from small hill:

Strippers help to get out of wet-suit. Very funny! Most of them do it for the first time and they very concerned to do it right and not to slow down the athletes.
Those volunteers are sooo great!

It is pretty steep and long hill to run to T1:

In 2010 I run almost the same speed as Roman:-)
In 2011 he was faster than me, and I was able to capture him heading to bike leg only on zoom:

Guys! Be aware! I will be on this hill on Sunday with a camera. Prepare to smile! :-)

After athletes are left for 90k, not much to do for spectators, except to chat with each other and  to catch good spot for bike back & run out picture.
And to enjoy beautiful fall air of Muskoka!

No wonder 70.3 IM Muskoka route is called challenging, it has very unfair uphill just in the end of very hilly 90k route:

I am not surprised Roman is not smiling on me:

At least he gave Hi-5 on his way for 21.1 k run:

Half-marathon run is not the easy one as well, especially if it becomes hot...
I remember how I nervously check watch every second when the clock was approaching 5-hour mark...

It was funny how Roman went into fight to take the Finishing ribbon :-) In 2010 they were giving one for every finisher.
In 2011 Dmitry raced his first 70.3 distance, and we meet Lisa, that seemed very determined to race as soon as she will give birth to their daughter :-)
It was the "birth" of Triathlon Stars Team!

By 2012 Roman became an Ironman and 70.3 IM-distance did not seemed as something serious any more:-)
So Roman went to 2012 IM Muskoka with no support team.
And improved his PB on this distances again:

 And Muskoka course proving to be the tough one - just a little bit over two minutes improvement and two spots up in AG.

As we all know, athletes should be prepared for challenges on the route, but also it is long way to prepare the body for the race.
This preparation process not easy for most of us, having jobs, families, commitments.
We do the best through the training season, hoping it prepare body for the best performance on the most important race.
We all have dreams for the best race.
Lets wish every athlete of Triathlon Stars to show his best result of the day!

See you all at the finish line with Big Jump!

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